• Cloud Native Engineer

    January 2018 - August 2018

    Worked with Kubernetes and Jenkins to deploy a microservice platform for high-availability application development in Oracle's Bare Metal Cloud Platform.

    Implemented a RESTful API around Bind9 (DNS) and Oracle Directory Server (LDAP) for entitlement provisioning and replaying using the Python Flask microframework, with routes defined using Swagger.

    Used Elasticsearch for visualizations in Kibana and X-Pack alerts to monitor application and cluster health.

    Wrote numerous unit and integration tests.

  • Preceptor

    UNC Charlotte College of Computing and Informatics
    August 2017 - December 2017

    Preceptor for the Computing Professionals class in the fall of 2017.

    Assisted the TA in labs and the professor in lectures by helping encourage discussion, answering questions about assignments, and keeping students on track.

    Helped guide incoming freshman in their transition to college and keeping them up to date with their assignments.

    Acted as a peer mentor and support resource for the students.

  • Client Support Technician

    UNC Charlotte Student Union, Activities & Recreation IT Department
    June 2017 - December 2017

    Primarily helped manage, administer, and repair Apple devices.

    Answered phone calls from Student Union, Activities & Recreation employees and students, assisting both on-site and remotely.

    Performed physical computer migrations and provisioned new computers for deployment.

    Checked out loaner laptops, iPads, mice, adapters, and other devices.

    Used Jamf to administer Macintosh computers and deploy new software on them.

    Prepared older devices for surplus in compliance with FERPA regulations.

My Skills

  • C++

    I first used C++ in an Operating Systems course and further refined my skills in Parallel & Distributed Computing, where I used pthreads, OpenMPI, OpenMP, and MapReduce-MPI to speedup both simple and heavy computation.

  • Elasticsearch

    I am skilled at making visualizations and alerts with Elasticsearch from my experience with it at Oracle. I also have experience with Elastic's Painless scripting language (based on Java).

  • Java

    I have over 4 years experience using the language on classwork and small personal projects.

  • Kubernetes

    During my time at Oracle, I helped build a microservice platform for cloud native applications.

  • Leadership

    Through my journey in Boy Scouts, I gained a lot of experience teaching others and leading projects to completion, including my Eagle Scout project.

  • Python

    Used in my work at Oracle to run Oracle Directory Server (LDAP), Bind9 (DNS), and Elasticsearch, among other services. I have also used it in my own projects on GitLab.

  • Ruby on Rails

    I have developed Rails applications in my software engineering class and have worked with Rails in my free time. My primary work with Rails has been an IRC log viewer, with an extensive set of user and administrative features, and external integrations. You can view it on my GitLab.

  • Support

    I have provided support for Windows and Mac OS X devices at the UNC Charlotte Student Affairs IT department for students and staff.

    Throughout my support work, I have maintained a high level of professionalism and went above and beyond my required duties to ensure an excellent experience for the students and staff of Student Affairs.

  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, JS)

    I have some experience creating websites, including the one you are looking at now. I can provide other websites I have built upon request.

Contact Me

Alternatively, you can contact me via email.